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Yuganter was established as Trust under the Indian Trust Registration Act- 1982 on 2nd October 2010. Mr. Sanjay Pandey pioneered the process of formation of this trust. The inspiration for the formation of Trust came from the conviction to work for the downtrodden people who, even after more than 60 years of nation independence, are deprived, exploited and marginalized though hundreds of development and welfare programmes have been formulated and implemented.


Yuganter aims to establish an egalitarian and healthy society where people have equal rights and opportunities to shape their destiny according to their will without any discrimination ,exploitation and deprivation based on caste, creed, religion and gender so that they are able to live healthy life with dignity.


a. To empower people through knowledge and awareness programme so that they are able to understand their environment and circumstances they live in.
b. To improve the capacity of downtrodden people, particularly of the women from the marginalized community , to live better and progressive life
c. To make people aware and capable for the sustainable development in the context of climate change and environmental challenges in future
d. To make people and community capable of disaster Risk Reduction so that they are disaster resilient
e. To promote private/public health and wellness through Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy and other means based on holistic principle of life.
f. To promote people oriented research from social, economical political and ecological perspective to influence the policies of government on different development issues related to the up liftment of poor people.
g. To Bridge the gap between environment and development through effective use of information and collaborative planning processes etc


Some specific strategies of Yuganter, which ensures accountability, quality and overall